• I have a painting practice driven by my view that 'painting' is not a closed term, but one which offers many possibilities for exploration and reinvention. Painting acts as an object which speaks to our vision and perception of the world, but offers a different sort of perceptual encounter, and a moment for viewers to think about what they see.

    I am interested in painting's ability to explore positions of hybridity or duality. It can act as an object, an idea, a representation, and the result of a process. I explore spatial relationships, between imagined or conceptual space, physical space, and pictorial space. I paint spaces which are understandable, yet not necessarily possible. In past work, the focus has been on the relationship between pictorial perspective and materiality of paint, collapsing illusionistic space. Recently the dimension of the room itself has come into play. I am becoming more interested in painting as installation, providing a more direct link to architecture and landscape. Our conception of space is often formed by contradictions of experience, memory, and imagination (Bachelard called this phenomenon 'syncretism'). I am interested in painting's ability to explore this 'syncretic' position.